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  2024 FAIR: August 13 - 18


Competitive Entries

Welcome to the 2024 Altamont Fair! Are you ready to exhibit your best?

We are pleased to offer this year's Exhibitor Competition Listings. Please be sure to read both the General Rules and the specific program area you are interested in entering.
Be mindful of the deadlines for entry, bringing your items and pickups. 

If you have any questions about the competitions, be sure to contact the superintendent, contact information is below. 


Hand delivery may be submitted to the main office.  If the office is closed, the submission may be placed in the black mailbox outside the main office.

Hand delivered entries must be recieved by 2pm, Friday, July 19, 2024. 

Mailed entries must be postmarked on or before Saturday, July 20, 2024. 

Online entries close 9pm, Sunday, July 21, 2024. 

Reminder: It is the exhibitor's responsibility to make sure that his or her entry form is received in the Fair Office on or before the deadline. 

Online Entries

Online entry is not available for Poultry Department. 

Each online exhibitor will receive one admission ticket. 

Click here for Online Entries

Looking forward to seeing all your entries! 

Please Note:These are exhibits and NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING will be permitted. No “for sale” signs and no monetary exchanges for goods and/or services performed at the fair.  If you would like to advertise your goods and/or services at the Fair please contact Amy Anderson, Manager at the Fair Office to discuss a sponsorship opportunity.

Questions or Assistance?

If you need assistance, please contact Kathy in the Entry Office at premiumbook@altamontfair.com or the Fair office at (518) 861-6671.


Creative Arts & Crafts (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Creative Arts & Crafts competitions
Cattle (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Dairy and Beef Cattle competitions
Culinary (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Culinary competitions
Equine (4/10/2024)
Information to enter competitions
Farm Products (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Farm Product competitions
Fine Arts (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Fine Arts competitions
Fleece & Wool Products (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Fleece and Wool Products competitions
Flowers (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Flower competitions
Fruit (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Fruit competitions
Goats (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Goat competitions
Grange (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Grange competitions
Miss Altamont Fair Pageant (4/10/2024)
Information you need to enter the Open Horse Show
Open Horse Show 2024 (4/10/2024)
Information you need to enter the Open Horse Show
Poultry (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Poultry competitions
Rabbits (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Rabbit competitions
Scarecrows (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Scarecrow competitions
Sheep (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Sheep competitions
Vegetables (4/10/2024)
Information to enter Vegetable competitions

General Information & Rules

A - General Rules (4/10/2024)
Please read this important information for a successful entry!
Fair Health Requirements (4/10/2024)
Interstate Health Requirements for Fairs (4/10/2024)
Officers and Directors (4/10/2024)
Poultry Pullorum Clinics 2024. (4/10/2024)
Pre-Fair Guidelines (4/10/2024)
Superintendents by Department (4/10/2024)