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  2024 FAIR: August 13 - 18



4-H Exhibit

The Albany, Schenectady and Greene County Cooperative Extension 4-H Clubs display exhibits, individual projects involving wood working, scrapbooks, sewing, and more created by the youth of today.

Cooperative Extension 4-H Exhibitor Info

Agriculture & Science Building

Visit the many exhibits from a variety of our Agriculture and Science agencies: US Department of Agriculture, Albany Farm Bureau, Albany County Soil & Water Conservation Department, Huyck Preserve, Forest Owners, etc. There are also maple syrup and bee demonstrations, and Tech Valley H.S. Robotics & SMIST demonstrations.

Agriculture and Science Building

Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts Department has many different areas of competition.

Look for Mrs. Red Shoes in the Arts & Crafts Building.
Mrs. Red Shoes offers make-it and take-it crafts everyday! 

What is your favorite craft? What craft would you like to enter?

Competitive Entry Info

Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts

Cattle Barn

Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein and more! The Cattle Barn houses calves and grown cows alike. Farms from around the Capital Region bring their finest milking cows and the best of the beef. Visit with local farmers as they bring their best to you.

Cattle Barn

Hands on Farming

Bring your kids to collect eggs from our chickens, pick an apple from our apple tree and visit the baby animals!

Hands on Farming Hands on Farming

Horse Barn Show

The horse show features equestrian enthusiasts and their mounts. All breeds of horse are welcome to participate in sport horse, dressage, and other riding events. Riders are judged on their form and ability to partner with their horses. Horses are judged on their rideability and good manners. Support your favorite rider and horse as they vie for the honor of the blue ribbon.

Drill teams take the horse show competition to the next level. This entertaining competition features groups of horses and riders presenting choreographed routines set to music. Teams are judged on ability, coordination, originality, and crowd appeal. Competitors demonstrate not just good horsemanship, but also a strong sense of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Competitive Entry Info

Horse Show

Pony Barn Show

Throughout Fair Week, ponies will be judged in a variety of events: Tuesday and Wednesday, ponies and their riders of all ages will compete in both English and Western riding events. Wednesday night, ponies don their finest fancy dress for the costume competition. And on Thursday things speed up with the barrel race, dash race, and more! Ponies and their owners can also compete in the Liberty lot where ponies show off choreographed moves to music or riders may attempt to catch their ponies as quickly as they can - without treats! Fairgoers are free to stop by the pony barn at anytime to say hello to these hooved beauties and admire the way their owners have decked out their stalls.

Competitive Entry Info

Pony Barn

Poultry Barn

The Poultry Barn is host to the Chick Follies! The chicks are busy riding the chick sized "carnival rides" just for fun! Bring the kids!

The Poultry exhibit boasts chickens, ducks, geese, and more. Stop in and admire the various breed, both standard and bantam. Pick a favorite and see if your selection can bring home the blue ribbon!

Thanks to Altamont Country Values for their generous donations of poultry feed.

Poltry Barn

Rabbit Way located in the Poultry Barn 

The Lionhead's fearsome name is misleading; these small bunnies boast adorable face framing fur. The Rex rabbit is truly the king of softness when it comes to fluffy fur. Lops' long ears lend a loveable look to these darling bunnies. Visit all of the rabbits to pick your favorite!

Rabbit Show

Sheep & Goat Show

The Sheep and Goat Barn houses some of the funniest, cutest, and woolliest, competitors at the fair. Throughout the fair these loveable barnyard fixtures will be judged on their products. Goats' milk will be judged on quantity and on quality, while sheep wool will be judged on quality including color and texture. Owners will be judged on their ability to spin and knit that soft fuzzy wool into warm winter wear. The fun photo contest for sheep and the costume competition for goats bring light-hearted fun to Fair. A visit to the barn will prove - these animals have personality!

Sheep and Goat Show Sheep and Goat Show