AUGUST 18-23, 2020


Sheep and Wool Show


The Sheep and Wool exhibits share the Sheep and Goat Barn at Gate 2. The Wool Nook will feature "Mittens" of all shapes, sizes and fiber content.

The barn is bustling with fiber demonstrations - including spinning, knitting, weaving, fleece preparation, fiber dying and felting. Exhibitors are preparing their animals for show all week long. 

Judging Schedule 

Tuesday – 7 pm – Market Lamb

Wednesday – 12 pm – Meat and Wool Breeds

Thursday – 7 pm – Over the Hill Showmanship

Friday – 7 pm – Costume Class

Saturday – 12 pm – Wool Spinning Bee

Saturday – 3 pm – Blocking and Trimming

Saturday – 7 pm – Ladies & Gentlemen Lead Line 

Look for entry information in Department C - Sheep and Wool Products