AUGUST 17-22, 2021


Monster Trucks - Overkill


Join the "Party in the Pit" from 5pm - 6pm. You can meet the drivers, get their autographs and take close-up pictures of the trucks. 


Driver(s):   Mike Vaters

Engine:      Roush Yates 572 CI

Horsepower:     1500

Transmission     Coan Powerglide

Tires 66" Terra



Marty Garza (owner of Overkill, Maximum Overkill, & Extreme Overkill) and Mike Vaters (owner of Black Stallion, Iron Warrior & Higher Education) began their long standing friendship in 1988 when Mike Vaters II was only 3 weeks old.  In spite of being fierce competitors, they often discussed out-of-the-box concepts for future truck technology. Those discussions continued for over 25 years, then in 2013 they decided to join forces and finally put some of those theories to the test.  They then partnered with Dave Hoppert of One Up Offroad and together they painstakingly 3D computer engineered the chassis and used geometry to bring the concept to reality.  The creators of Overkill Evolution believe their new machine represents the natural progression of Monster Jam truck technology. To take their new concept into the future they selected young talent Mike Vaters II to drive the new Overkill Evolution in Monster Jam competition and made a huge impact immediately as the second generation driver powered Overkill Evolution to the 2014 Young Guns Shootout SM Championship and claimed the Monster Jam Rookie of the Year Award.


See Overkill and Iron Warrior on Tuesday, 7pm and All American Thriller is here Tues, Wed, Thurs