AUGUST 17-22, 2021


Jennifers All Creatures Barnyard Races

Jennifers All Creatures Barnyard Races is a petting zoo and pig races. This is fun for the whole family.  Jennifer's All Creatures has been serving the fair industry since 1998. Our main focus now is BARNYARD RACES! We race pigs, goats, sheep, ducks, turkeys, chickens and even puppies!

Our shows are fun, interactive and unique! We pick audience members to be cheerleaders: crowds are divided into color sections to root for animals wearing that color, all races are themed and fairgoers love to sing along! Our bellringer is picked from the audience to start each race. 

Shows are approximately 20 minutes long and each show has 4 to 5 sets of racing animals. 

Come to the Altamont Fair to see what they are offering this year!