AUGUST 16-21, 2022


Black Mountain Symphony

Black Mountain Symphony showcases an eclectic range of influences, blended together to create their own special sound. From baroque classical violin and haunting folk-tinged ballads to funk-rock drums and hard-hitting dance numbers, the 6 piece band sprinkles their live sets with hints of everything from classical music to bits of New Age, Rock and Folk.

Whether touring nationally or performing at their favorite local digs, this up-and-coming group of musicians features a roundtable of powerful lead vocals and harmonies that dance with captivating violin lines and soar over stunning soundscapes, shaped by years of classical training infused with an irresistible love for musical roots and a fresh, ultramodern mentality.

Evocative of such artists as Fleetwood Mac, The Corrs, Yes, Belle & Sebastian, Damien Rice, Guster and The Dave Matthews Band, the group implements the same skill and vision on cover tunes as they do in their own carefully crafted compositions, and in the process manage to capture something unique and refreshing… This is Black Mountain Symphony.

Annie Campo: Violin, Vocals
Bear Campo: Keyboards, Vocals
Charles Burgess: Guitar, Indian Flute, Vocals
Chris Peppe: Guitar, Vocals
Nick Graziade: Bass, Vocals
Bill Palinski: Drums, Vocals